Herbaceous Acres is a local Maryland based organic herb garden. Herbaceous Acres shall provide the customer with a wide variety of culinary, medicinal and therapeutic herbs. These fresh herbs shall also be used in the production of infused cooking oils and vinegars, glycerin soaps and soy candles. Herbaceous Acres also intends to provide a location for environmental education and support, job opportunities and community support.

Herbaceous Acres was created as a result of many successful years of growing herbs, the love of nature and earth’s wealthy ability to provide the human body and all living things with natural ways to heal and nourish itself. The company’s focus is health and education.

Herbaceous Acres, Inc. is dedicated to providing its customer with the highest quality, organic, handcrafted products available.

Herbaceous Acres prides itself by educating the customer with homeopathic remedies that reduce stress, give alternatives to pharmaceuticals, encourage good eating habits and heightening awareness with everyday solutions we all can use to reduce the carbon footprint.