Swollen eyes- use tea bags; moisten 2 tea bags, chill in the refrigerator and place on eyelids for several minutes. The tannin in tea is an anti-inflammatory agent.

Urinary tract infection- drink cranberry juice; 1 serving/day. Cranberry juice is loaded with antioxidants and helpful for the bladder and can cure a urinary tract infection.

Laxative- drink warm salt water; Mix 2 tsps. Sea salt (not ordinary salt) and 32 oz. luke warm water. Take in the morning on an empty stomach. Plan to have use of a bathroom as several eliminations will occur.  Internal salt bathing is useful in cleansing waste from the body.

Regular bowel- eat an apple 1/day; apples have pectin in them. Pectin is a fiber promotes a healthy regular bowl system.

Burns, 1st degree- Cool water or place a moisten tea bag on the burn for relief. Herbaceous Acres Lavender soap is excellent for burns.

Acne- wash face and neck every night prior to bed; especially teens and pre- teens. Herbaceous Acres Lemongrass and Lavender soaps are great choices.

Cold and Flu Prevention- Wash your hands. Herbaceous Acres Glycerin soaps are anti- bacterial, visit the products page of this web site to learn more. 


The above are proven remedies and are a first line of defense. However, please consult your physician before you use any of the remedies listed above as it may have adverse effects with medicines you are already taking or conditions you may have.