Why organic?  Organic by definition means to grow, harvest and process without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, growth agents, irradiation and chemical sterilization. Organic herbs and spices taste better, is an aromatic enhancer to foods, and is enriched with nutrients. Organically grown products are also free of neurotoxins that can damage the brain and nerve cells.

The HA Way- Herbaceous Acres rubs are blended by hand using certified organic herbs and spices. The rubs are also hand packaged responsibly.

Why soy? Soy is safe, burns clean and is non- toxic.  All our candles are handcrafted with premium soy wax, natural lead free wicks, and premium fragrance oils.

The HA Way- Our 16oz candle has a 30 hour burn time. No paraffin, synthetic fragrances or petroleum products are used in the production of Herbaceous Acres Candles.

Why glycerin? Glycerin is a compound by product of the soap making process. Glycerin is known for its moisturizing properties, ability to attract dirt and produce a creamy, cleansing lather which makes it great for your skin. Glycerin also completely rinses off the skin, tub and shower leaving no residue. Herbaceous Acres soaps are handmade with hypo-allergenic pure glycerin and premium herbal essential oils.

Why Essential oils? Essential oils are the world’s most powerful antioxidants; they cleanse the body of free radicals which slow the aging process and have been documented in preventing cancer. Essential oils are made up of tiny molecules. The small molecules that make up essential oils empower them in many ways…It makes them aromatic, as small molecules are able to quickly vaporize and positively affect the body through the nose and lungs. Hence, the word - aromatherapy. It enables them to easily cross tissues and cell walls including the blood- brain barrier which gives them the power to reach areas of the body like nothing else. It equips oils to be transdermal, which means that they can penetrate the skin and reach parts of the body in minutes.

Why Flavored Vinegars? The use of vinegar dates back 5000 years with the Egyptians and Sumerians. It was also used liberally by the Romans in 400 B.C. and was prescribed to patients by the Hippocrates. In the Middle Ages the French transported wine along rivers, however during the course of its journey, often times it would become sour from adverse and unpredictable conditions. Hence, the words Vin aigre, French for sour wine. Over the centuries the process has been perfected to a more delicate and sophisticated process. Vinegar has many healthful characteristics. It has been known to aid in a healthy digestion system, lower cholesterol, prevent ulcers and fight off food cravings.

The HA Way- Herbaceous Acres offers a selection of three flavored vinegars that can be used in any recipe as a substitute for plain vinegar and add excitement to sauces, marinades, dips, salad dressings, pastas and vegetables. All our flavored vinegars are made organic distilled white vinegar, organic fresh herbs and/ or organic dried peppers. We produce all our flavor vinegars in small batches only to meet the demand. They are bottled and shipped immediately to ensure freshness. Our premier culinary flavored vinegars are: Dill, Arbol Chili Pepper and Herbal.

Why Herbal Astringent? Herbs can play a role in addressing many common skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, sagging skin, minor cuts and bruises. An astringent tightens the skin and mucous membrane. Astringents are an essential part of facial skin care, they can be used to close pores and remove excess oils.

The HA Way- Our blend of herbs and organic carriers are great for use as a skin toner or as a splash after shaving. The Herbal Astringent is hand crafted in small batches with organic herbs, tinctures and extracts. Visit our products page to purchase.

 We hope the learning center experience has afforded you great information in choosing your present and future purchases of Herbaceous Acres products.